Friday, November 7, 2008


My name is Juanjo
I am eleven
I live in Eivissa
I am happy
I am fron Spain
I Speak in four languages:English,Spanish,Catalan anda Calo
I have got sort blanck hair and big brown eyes
I am wearing a blue and grey jumper,blue trousers,white socks and black shoes
I have got one father one mather , one sister two brothers two grand mather and grand father
I like pizza and fruit salad
My favourite color is red and black
My favourite animal is a dog and cat
I like swimming
I don´t like runing
I can play football
I want to be a football player
My birthay is on 18th Agoust
In my town there is a avd. Spanish
There are nine schools,two cinemas etc...
I can´t sew.